About us

The Group Breault Security is a professional company in the field of mechanical and electronic safety. As much residential, commercial and industrial knowledge, our young and dynamic team is always interested and is informed of the innovations. We work in team to give to our customers an irreproachable service. It is important with the Group Breault Security to include/understand the request of the customer well and to inform it of the possible options to arrive at an adequate completion.

Each member of our team has a different attraction with a speciality in the medium of safety. That it is in electronic safety, the locks and keys of car, safe, mechanics of lock or charter of main key, we always manage to find the solution with the problem of a customer. It always pleases to us to be able to give the best solution within a fast time. Our mission is to evolve/move continuously with technologies which do not cease progressing and To have the equipment, knowledge, the software and the mobile units necessary to the service of our customers. The Group Breault Security, with the son of the years, it is forged a reputation based on the service and its adaptation to the evolution during its years.

It is important for us to in full safety be useful to you with our best knowledge for your satisfaction.

We are a installor approved of the products DormaKaba Lodging, chief of wire world in hotel products, residence for elder and dwelling multiples.