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Group Breault Sécurity with have the mandate to deal with the system of doors controlled of the Center of congress of Saint-Hyacinthe as well as Sheraton hotel.
A beautiful news construction with a system with the height of their waiting for managing well the bond between the hotel and the center of congress.
A success with close to Group Breault Security

Centre de congrès de Saint-Hyacinthe


Project in construction…

A construction which is at present in hand. We will have the occasion to still put the Dormakaba products of the front one. Control entrance door, rear entrances, way outs and doors of room. Only one system to provide for the need.

Impéria Suite et hôtel Boucherville


This time, project of restoration. As far as we are present in the new construction industries, as far as we can modernize your installations.

Auberge du carré St-Louis


Another beautiful project of restoration to modernize the installations.

Château Vaudreuil


Following their recent restoration and refitting, we could supplement the whole with a new system of control of doors.

Hôtel V


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